Wine & Roses in Lodi, CA Wedding

Wine and roses in Lodi, CA is a beautiful venue located in my backyard. There is so much greenery around there, it feels like you are walking into an oasis. As a florist, we often have to walk and climb hills to get to our set up sites so it was amazing to only walk a few feet and be in the middle of it all. They have an inside reception area and a two ceremony options, inside a tent or outside around the beautiful redwood trees in the lawn. This is just stunning and I can’t wait to go back and design florals for this wonderful space again.

Adrian and Apolonia celebrated their love in this beautiful venue at the beginning of November. They had their ceremony inside the tent because of light rain that day, and they had their beautiful reception inside the reception room. They also have a beautiful bridal room with a balcony which is such a beautiful photo opportunity.

The vail, the scenery, everything is just absolutely amazing! The colors chosen by the couple were deep burgundy and marlo tones with hints of ivory complementing colors. The choice of all black for the guys and deep marlo tones with the velvet texture for the bridesmaids was such a stunning compliment to her burgundy florals. The space lend itself to compliment these two and their wonderful love in Lodi wine country.

Adrian and Apolonia both have loved ones that could not be present in person to celebrate with them. They both made sure that they and their guests felt their presence throughout the day. It has been the most beautiful honoring of parents and siblings i have witnessed so far. Adrian had beautiful charms hanging from his suit as he walked down the aisle to vow forever to his love. Apolonia also had charms hanging from her bridal bouquet that accompanied here down the aisle to exchange the same vows. The charms with the photos of their parents and brother gave them both the feeling of their loved ones there with them in the most important day of their lives. There was also seats reserved just for their viewing of what all their other loved ones got to witness in ceremony area. The most beautiful touch of white roses on the chairs front row.

Now let’s talk about the inside space. The reception space is so beautiful and spacious. You truly do feel like you are in a winery ball room and the deep burgundy colors accompanied with the dim lighting and wet weather outside was so romantic. These two opted for candles in every table, and let me tell you, it was a great choice. Not only did it add to the ambiance of romance inside, but it made for an amazing date night for family and guests. The candles made way for romance in every table and added to warm up the room. I added greenery to every table around the three cylinder vases with candles with touches of eucalyptus to give it that sage color tone. On top of the greenery I added roses, beautiful white mondial roses on each space of the table. A beautiful and simple touch to each table.

Apolonia was specific on the color combination she wanted for her flowers but left the flower choices to my creative judgment. I chose dahlias with mum and marlo carnation. I added in candlelight roses and marlo reunculus and used eucalyptus and ruskus greens to stick with the moody feeling they wanted.

I absolutely loved the photos from this wedding, these beautiful photos were captured by Lluvia and her team at UV visions. This love story celebrated in the beautiful wine and roses venue in Lodi, CA. It is the most romantic venue I have visited in the region. Inquire with Blissful Rose to design your wedding at this venue. We would love to go back to this wonderful oasis for your wedding.

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