Fall Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life, but as vendors, these days are also incredibly memorable for us. This wedding here is so memorable for me. I recall while talking to this wonderful bride, she had told me she wanted unexpected elements. I recall doing my research on various elements I could incorporate with the planned color palette. I made the drive that week to pick up the flowers for this wedding feeling so stuck as to what to get. I took two extra trips to the wholesale market and a couple trips to farms buying so many different flowers, colors, only to still feel a designers block, i had no idea where to start.

I redesigned the bridesmaid bouquets three times and I just could not start on the bridal bouquet. I always make sure to complete all major arrangements the day before the wedding, but with this wedding, I did not. I tried several times and continued to have come up empty. Come the morning of the wedding, I still had not designed the bridal bouquet.

The week of this wedding was also the week of a major hurricane in the state of Florida, which just so happened to be the place all of the centerpiece garlands were coming from. I was calling and emailing all day so scared that I would have no garlands. I ended up putting in a last minute local order and it turned out perfectly.

So how can I ever forget this wedding. I ended up with a fresh and beautiful box of lush eucalyptus garlands and another one finally delivered the day before the wedding, dry and wilted from being in a hot fedex warehouse.

There are so many details I could share, but I think you get the idea right. Weddings are very important for vendors as well, and sometimes these weddings are one for our books. This bride wanted to something unique and unexpected and I really wanted to meet her expectations. I was putting so much pressure on myself that it caused me to get stuck. The last day, i finally slept on it and prayed to be still and relax. I know my gift and what I can do, i just had to get rid of the pressure and let me creativity get to work.

This wedding was one for the books for Blissful Rose. It was a beautiful fall themed wedding, and my couple and their family was very happy to see everything tied together just perfectly. Here is what my bride wrote in her review.

“Elena and her team did such and amazing job with my wedding flowers. Everything from the table floral arrangements, bouquets, and sweetheart table was amazing. She turned a few vague words I said, “wild, unexpected elements” and turned it into my better than perfect bouquet. I can’t stop staring at my flowers. Everyone was complimenting on how pretty the reception was and a huge part of that is due to Elena and everything her team did. If I live closer to Sac, I’d order all my floral arrangements for all occasions exclusively from Elena but unfortunately I’m a 2 hour drive away.

If I‘m having another celebration in the Sac area, without a doubt I’m hitting up Elena for all my flower needs! Thank you so much Elena!”

Michelle Tran (google review)

Be confident in your skills when you are going through any kind of pressure situation. You know what you are capable of and most of the time, everyone around you knows too, you are the one who has to believe it. I want to design your perfect unique wedding!

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