Bring your culture into your wedding day – your wedding should represent you both

A wedding is a big deal and there is so much pressure to do something Pinterest worthy. A wedding that looks like your inspiration photos, the wedding of your dreams. But let me tell you this, your wedding will be the wedding of your dreams because you will be marrying your person.

With all the pressures that comes with planning and executing the perfect wedding, why would you not making it your own. Every wedding is unique to the two people joining their lives together. So bring it all that make you two unique. If you share two different cultures, then bring them both in!

If you are from the same culture and share the same traditions, then bring those in! Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t. You need to plan a wedding that bring you back to who you are and how you are to be who you are today. This includes the transitions and cultures that you and your guests enjoyed while growing up and you and your family shared for so long.

It is also a great way for your fiancé their families to experience you and all you are. Traditions and differences in culture can be so fun and a great way for your guests to enjoy this unique union.

At my wedding, I did a bilingual ceremony, had a mariachi band and included a traditional dance before our bouquet and garter toss. All of my guests loved it and were so curious about it. It made for a memorable conversation for years to come. I remember doing this dance growing up when going to family weddings and I loved participating in it. It was so special when I finally got to be the one being held up on that chair watching all my girlfriends and family have fun!

Don’t compromise on the special touches only you two can bring in to your wedding. Making a wedding unique to you and special for all your guests is so each, it does’t take much. It only takes you two, there is no one like you two out there. Just be you and bring in who you are into every details and I guarantee it will be the most amazing wedding ever!

Let me bring in those traditions and cultural details with you. Inquire here to chat more.

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